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DCI Properties LLC is Real Estate Investment Company that focuses on finding, acquiring, and repositioning single, multi-family, and commercial property in the Milwaukee, Arizona, and Georgia areas. Our main competitive advantage is our process for finding evaluating properties to fit our very specific buying criteria of properties that are in need of repair or undervalued, within a 1 to 3 mile radius of parks, schools, or churches. Properties will be distressed where the property owners need or want an exit because their expertise isn’t there to make the property profitable or their financing prevents them from holding on. Funding for these acquisitions will be a custom mix of financing based on each particular situation. In some cases we will use short-term funding to obtain the properties quickly from the seller and then refinance the private loan with a local financial institution to obtain a better rate and terms.

Long-term revenues will be mainly focused on improving the value of each property with strategic repositioning strategies to get top of market rents while minimizing expense outlay with better and more efficient on-site management. Exit plans are between 5-7 years after acquisition for each individual investment.

Short-term revenues will be focused on improving the profitability of each property and to turn a positive cash flow instantly. A minimum of $200 per door in net positive cash-flows is our goal with each acquisition. A target of 10 units in the first 12 months is our current focus. At that target, a projected net positive monthly cash-flow of $2,000 / a month will be achieved across the portfolio. We’ll acquire 3-5 units the first 6 months and 6-7 units in the next 6 month all while providing our debt and equity investors with solid and consistent returns on their investments, creating great communities at our new properties, and a great company culture at DCI Properties LLC.

DCI Properties is a Limited Liability Company that was formed in Arizona and conducts business in Milwaukee, Arizona, and Georgia. The LLC was formed in the month of Feb. 2016 and is considered a new startup. The members of the LLC are Celestine Lipsey (President 51% Ownership) and Jerry Lipsey (Vice President 49%). DCI Properties was formed to be used as a vehicle to purchase distressed /undervalued homes in the targeted areas and provide them to qualifying potential home owners who have proved to be responsible as tenants.

Celestine Lipsey (President) has been an independent business owner of ODell’s Glamour Studio for over nine years. She possesses strong marketing skills and has demonstrated her business management skill over the past nine years by increasing ODell’s Glamour Studio’s net profit every year since its inception.

Jerry Lipsey (Vice President) Has invested in Real Estate for more than fifteen years. He has experience with buy and hold, foreclosures, and rehabs. He made the transition from a part-time real estate investor to full time in January of 2016. Previous to that held a position in the Health Care Industry (IT) and retired after 20 years of service. As VP of DCI Properties LLC, he handles all aspects of the real estate transactions and day to day business concerns for DCI Properties LLC.

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